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COVID Reader is an application that allows you to read and analyze detailed data from Digital COVID Certificates issued by Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Turkey and Ukraine.

This tool is great for those who want to know more detail about COVID Digital Certificates.

With this app you have access to detailed data about Digital COVID Certificates, such as:

Basic data:

- Name of the person on the certificate

- Date of birth

- Country issuing the certificate

Digital signature data:

- Issue and expiration dates

- Issuing country

In case of vaccination:

- Vaccine dose

- Type of the vaccine

- Vaccine product

- Vaccine manufacturer

- Vaccination date

- Vaccination country

- Vaccine certification Issuer

In case of testing:

- Type of the test

- Test name

- Date and time of the sample collection

- Result of the test

- Testing center

- Testing country

- Testing certification issuer

In case of recovery:

- Date of positive result

- Country where it recovered

- Recovery issuer

- Recovery valid from

- Recover valid until

About the certificate

- Versioning

- Unique Certificate ID

In case any field of the read certificate has an error, or some date of the certificate has expired, the app will indicate the certificate as invalid, but even so it will show the fields that can be read and will indicate where the problems are.

Validations considered by the system to show a certificate as “VALID” or “NOT VALID”:

Digital signature:

- Validation of issuing country according to keys present at “Trust List” tab

- Validation of issued and expiration dates


- Validation of the number of doses

- Validation of the 14-day period after the application of the last dose

- If configured by the user, validation of the validity of the vaccine.


- Validation of the recovered start date

- Validation of the recovered expiration date


- Validation of the type of the test - NAA or fast test (immunoassay)

- Test result validation

- Validation of test validity by the type of the test

This app allows users to see the "Certificate Trust List" used to validate the COVID Digital Certificates, being able to know which countries can have their certificates read and which keys are being used to validate the certificates.

It is also possible that you configure the certificates expiration date (validity) for the reading certificates according to existent rules in your country. IMPORTANT: expiration dates higher than those indicated on certificates will be disregarded!

This application has been independently developed and is not affiliated with any Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Turkey and Ukraine. It is based on open and publicly available standards, with the aim of assisting in the analysis of Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) information.

This software does not use cookies, store or share any info about the read certificates. It also doesn't ask for your location or send you notifications!

IMPORTANT: This application DOES NOT guarantee the security of the holder of the Digital COVID Certificate in relation to COVID-19, nor its identity, serving ONLY to analyze the Digital COVID certificate based exclusively on keys present at "Trust List" tab. This app IS NOT responsible for any incorrectly validated certificate.